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酒店,是都市旅人的另一个家。如何在酒店设计中融入家的感觉,让人感觉舒适而不冰冷,是一个需要平衡的问题。今天勃朗设计小编为大家推荐的Eden Locke酒店设计就以温馨热情的氛围创造出了家一般的感觉。

The hotel is another home for city travelers. How to integrate the feeling of home into the hotel design to make people feel comfortable but not cold is a problem that needs to be balanced. Today, the interior design of Eden Locke Hotel recommended by Blanc design group creates a homelike feeling with warm and warm atmosphere.

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Eden Locke酒店室内设计由著名的纽约建筑事务所Grzywinski+Pons负责,通过柔和的色调、一系列绿植和温暖的材料如木材和柳条等,打造出一个城市的绿洲。

The interior design of Eden Locke hotel is in the charge of the famous New York Architecture firm grzywinski + pons, which creates an oasis of the city through soft colors, a series of green plants and warm materials such as wood and wicker.



酒店在空间中使用了GAN 的TRENZAS坐垫,该坐垫由100%纯天然羊毛制成,被放置在酒店的大厅内,是人们在结束了一天的城市观光之后放松的好去处。坐垫的编织纹理及其手工艺感在酒店大堂中营造出一个充满阳光和活力的空间氛围,给人一种住宅门厅的感觉。

The hotel uses Gan's trenzas cushion in the space, which is made of 100% pure natural wool and placed in the hotel hall. It is a good place for people to relax after a day of city sightseeing. The woven texture of the cushion and the sense of craftsmanship create a space atmosphere full of sunshine and vitality in the lobby of the hotel, which gives people a feeling of the residence hall.

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